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Property manager Shulskaya Galina Boleslavovna



General information:

Location:                                     Soligorsk, the corner of Octyabrskaya str. and Mira ave.

Total floor area:                          10 060 square meters.

Number of floors:                        1 floor

Opening of the shopping center: I quarter of 2016

The shopping center in Soligorsk has the unique concept All In One.

This is the first shopping center in the town, where you can buy products for home, work and active leisure in one place and along with this have a good time with your family.

The anchor tenants, such as "OMA" building material store, "Elektrosila" appliance store, cafe, bank, pharmacy, as well as a number of smaller complementary operators: furniture store, doors and windows store, pet shop, fishing tackle shop and the other represent the shopping center.

In addition, the project provides a mother-and-child room in the shopping center.

The land for construction of the shopping center in Soligorsk is located along the Mira ave., which is the entrance to the town from Minsk.

Proximity of the private housing confirms urgency of the selected format of the shopping center. Variety of tenants, circumspect concept, application of the latest technology in design and construction will give the town the large, modern, comfortable and useful for all family members shopping center.

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